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What are Subs?

Subs help pay for the costs of Scouting.

What do Subs pay for?

A large portion of the subs we collect are paid to the Scout Association to cover organisational costs including our core insurance.  The rest pays for things like equipment insurance, building hire and weekly consumables.  It is only through additional fund-raising we cover our costs.

How Much do they Cost?

For 2016 subs have been kept the same at £12 Per Month .  They are due near the beginning of each month and it is parents’ responsibility to ensure they have paid subs within the first few weeks of the Month. Subs are Paid All year (except during August when we do not meet and are half price(£6) during December). 

If you have more than one child in the Group then please speak to us as we offer a lower price for multiple children.

Please Note; Subs are still paid when your child does not attend! 

When do I start paying Subs?

When you join, we give you the first month free, so if you start in the middle of the month then you pay for the following month.